Resources For Professionals

Additional Training & Education

While basic training (and an account) is required before completed the professional surveys, additional training videos are also available here.  This extra training and education will deepen your understanding of how to interview older adults and maximize the results you receive.  Watch Dr. Lichtenberg administer a Financial Vulnerability Assessment with in-depth explanation of his process as he completes each step.

Train now.

Some level of training is required by anyone interested in conducting the interviews available here. Training to use the Decision Tracker is available to everyone. The Vulnerability Assessment, however, should be conducted only by a trained certified mental health professional.

Groups or organizations interested in receiving training for either interview should contact Dr. Lichtenberg. He conducts trainings in person, via conference call or webinar. Participants learn the science behind the interview tools and how to administer and score the interviews. Dr. Lichtenberg also consults with organizations to help them understand the problem of financial exploitation and how these interviews can protect their employees and the older clients they serve.

Start Training to Use the Interviews

Continuing Education (CE) Credits — Michigan Residents Only

You qualify to receive Continuing Education (CE) credits when you complete training and certification on the Older Adult Nest Egg interviews. Learn more

Third-Party Resources

National Adult Protective Services
Contact to find out your nearest state chapter to report suspected abuse or exploitation.
Adult Protective Services of Michigan
Alzheimer's Association
Guidance, education and tools about cognitive assessments and how to determine whether a client needs further evaluation.
American Psychological Association
Office on Aging
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
For complaints against lenders or financial products and services
Federal Trade Commision (To Report Identity Theft)