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The full set of Financial Decision Making Assessments created by Dr. Lichtenberg are described below. We recommend the Financial Decision Tracker for any client for whom you have financial concerns. The Tracker can be augmented with the Family & Friends Interview which asks your client’s relative or close friend about his or her financial decisions. The Financial Vulnerability Assessment is a longer more nuanced interview best completed by a mental health professional. Choose the tool that best suits your and your client’s needs.

Financial Decision Tracker
This brief 10-item interview examines a specific financial decision made by an older adult to assess his or her financial judgment, vulnerability to theft and scams, and whether financial predation may have taken place.
For professionals who often work with older adults making significant financial decisions, including attorneys, financial planners, bankers, investment brokers, insurance agents, accountants, law enforcement officers, and Adult Protective Services case workers. More about the Financial Decision Tracker
Financial Vulnerability Assessment
The Financial Vulnerability Assessment is an in-depth interview to determine the factors involved in an older adult's financial decisions. This includes an assessment of cognitive impairment, situational awareness and undue influence and their impact on financial decision making.
For mental health professionals who are well-trained in administering standardized tests, including psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, counselors, nurse practitioners and pastoral counselors. More about the Financial Vulnerability Assessment
Family & Friends Interview
The Family & Friends Interview asks a series of questions to the trusted relative or friend of an older adult to better understand an older adult's recent financial decision. The interview provides a complementary perspective on the decision and is best used in combination with the Financial Decision Tracker or the Financial Vulnerability Assessment.
Information about an older adult's financial decision from a trusted relative or friend. More about the Family & Friends Interview


Whether you are a finance professional, psychologist or caregiver, you’ll find resources relevant to your needs.

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The complete bibliography of Dr. Peter Lichtenberg’s published research on assessing financial decision making and vulnerability in older adults

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