Older Adult Resources


We care about the resources we share. The organizations, workshops and resources below provide accurate information that is reliable and trustworthy. Use them with peace of mind that they have your best interests at heart. They are selected to provide maximum help for older adults at risk of financial exploitation.

Want to report a scam so others won’t be fooled? Contact the Federal Trade Commission. If you or someone you know has been a victim of scams, fraud or identity theft, visit our SAFE page for free counseling and training. Tech support scams are becoming more prevalent. Learn what they are and how to avoid them HERE. And remember to share these resources with friends and family.

Helpful Organizations

Groups and websites are listed that you can trust to help you manage and protect your finances, report issues, improve your health and safety, and learn about other topics that impact us as we grow older.

For local resources, visit FindHelp.org.  Simply enter your Zip Code and click on the type of help you need. Topics include money, health, housing, food, transportation and much more.  Resources listed include selected non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Center for Combating Elder Financial Abuse
A non-profit created by a retired FBI agent, whose mission is to empower older adults and caregivers to stop the epidemic of elder financial abuse.
Free resources and training.
Understanding Medicare, Medicaid and Long-Term Care Coverage
Learn about all the available benefits, coverage, costs, and most importantly strategies to get access to financial support.
Visit the website to "Ask the Expert"
AARP Fraud Watch Network
Fully updated national fraud resource and information website. Includes a scam-tracking map and educational podcasts.
Helpline at (877)-908-3360 if you suspect fraud.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Oversees fair practices at banks, lenders, and other financial companies
(855) 411-2372
Gracefully Greying: Info & Resources for 50+
Help with legal, finance, health, life stages, career.
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COVID Resources for Seniors
National Council on Aging
Eldercare Locator
National Directory of Services
(800) 677-1116
Guide to Home Modifications to Prevent Falls
Room-by-room specifics to make your home safe at any age.
No phone available
Info & advice by American Geriatrics Society’s Health in Aging Foundation
(800) 563-4916
Legal Guide for Seniors
Links to dozens of legal resources including fair housing, disability, civil rights and veterans' benefits.
No phone available
National Adult Protective Services
Investigates abuse, neglect and exploitation in older adults
(202) 370-6292
Preventing Falls for Older Adults and Caregivers
Administration for Community Living
(202) 401-4634
Senior Scam Alert
U.S. Dept of Justice Report Incidents
(855) 484-2846

Downloadable Information

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Fraud Alerts

Be aware of the latest scams targeting older adults so you can warn vulnerable persons in your care:

Sign up to see the latest scams identified by the Federal Trade Commission: FTC Scam Alert Page

Consumer Protection:  Are you a consumer who’s been taken advantage of? Would you like a professional to investigate your case? Visit The Fearless Consumer to lodge your complaint and read eye-opening cases from investigative reporter and consumer advocate Barbara Nordin.

Professional standing at window

Need a Professional Evaluation?

If you are concerned about the safety of your financial decision-making, or you scored at moderate to high risk on the Financial Exploitation Risk Survey, ask your physician, social worker or financial advisor to conduct additional assessments. OlderAdultNestEgg.com provides free interview and assessment tools professionals can use to determine the financial decision-making abilities of older adults. A quick training is required for professionals to administer the assessments. Results are specific to the financial decision-making process, a crucial area in determining your risk to fraud and exploitation.

Are you unsure of the type of professional best qualified to help you?

News & Recommended Reading

Explore topics of special interest to caregivers. From how to prevent the latest scams and frauds to thoughtfully manage the many responsibilities of caregiving, these quality resources can help.

Free Education & Counseling

Successful Aging thru Financial Empowerment (SAFE) is a free program serving older adults and caregivers across southeast Michigan. Older Adults Nest Egg partners with SAFE to provide educational workshops for caregivers on how to manage finances, spot and prevent scams and handle other financial challenges.

If you are a fraud victim or the caregiver of a victim, and you live in southeast Michigan, SAFE counselors can help. One-on-one sessions will help you file police reports, restore identity and recover funds. Contact SAFE Director LaToya Hall at 313-664-2608 to learn more or to set up an appointment.

Find SAFE’s Michigan workshops on our Facebook page or visit the SAFE web page for more information.

How to Spot a Debt Collection Scam (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)