In these self-paced video sessions, learn the warning signs of early cognitive impairment, how to hold difficult discussions, the clues to detecting financial mismanagement and the basics of managing another person’s money.

Father and Daughter Detecting Early Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults
20 Minutes
Changes in thinking skills may be an early sign of dementia. Learn to spot the first symptoms and get help.
Detecting Financial Mismanagement
20 Minutes
How do you know if your loved one is being exploited? Uncover the signs and put protections in place.
Managing Someone Else's Money
20 Minutes
Many older adults have a diminished capacity to handle finances and need help from a family member or trusted friend. Learn how to do it.
Fraud Alerts

Be aware of the latest scams targeting older adults so you can warn vulnerable persons in your care and prevent them. A few scams that are currently popular:

Learn more about the myriad scams targeting older adults. Sign up for scam updates identified by the Federal Trade Commission. Visit the FTC’s scam alert page