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Brain Health & Aging

Our brain changes throughout our lifetime. It grows rapidly during childhood and early adulthood. Then it prunes and refines connections for the rest of our lives.  Our health and lifestyle impact how our brain ages and contribute to changes in thinking and memory. This means we can do things each day to promote the good health and function of our amazing brain.

Brain Health

Learn how our overall health affects the way our brain ages with these research-based recommendations to promote brain health:

  • Heart Health – one of the most important factors that affect aging.
  • Exercise and Strength Training – help maintain overall health with these specific recommendations, especially for adults over 65.
  • Diet and Nutrition – modifications can help older adults remain healthy.
  • Cognitive Engagement & Socialization – these show many positive effects on well-being.
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Cognitive Aging & Dementia

Not all forgetful moments are a sign of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Learn about the types of thinking and memory processes, with everyday examples of common changes that often occur in healthy aging. Identify the Early Signs of Dementia and steps you can take with your primary care physician to monitor your cognitive health.

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