Continuing Education (CE) Credits, For Michigan Residents Only

You qualify to receive 3 Continuing Education (CE) credits (Social Work or General Attendance) when you complete training and certification for all four professional modules on the


  • The brief Overview module must be completed prior to starting training on the FDT, FVA or FFI
  • Financial Decision Tracker (FDT) certification
  • Financial Vulnerability Assessment (FVA) certification
  • Family and Friends Interview (FFI) certification
  • Once you have completed all 4 modules please fill out our OANE instruction evaluation HERE. We will then send you your continuing education certificate for the state of Michigan. Please allow us one week after submission of your evaluation to forward your 3 CE certificate.

The Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University is an Approved Provider (Number MICEC-0068) with the Michigan Social Work Continuing Education Collaborative, Wayne county.

If you have you any additional questions regarding the continuing education please contact Donna MacDonald at